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Statutory Notification

Battery regulations

The delivery of many devices includes batteries, which for example serve to operate the remote control. There also could be batteries or accumulators built into the device itself. In connection with the sale of these batteries or accumulators, we are obliged under the Battery Regulations to notify our customers of the following:

Please dispose of old batteries at a council collection point or return them to a local shop at no cost. The disposal in domestic refuse is strictly forbidden according to the Battery Regulations. You can return used batteries obtained from us at no charge at the address below or by posting with sufficient stamps.

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Battery regulations

Batteries, which contain harmful substances, are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out waste bin, similar to the illustration shown left. Under the waste bin symbol is the chemical symbol for the harmful substance, e.g. „Cd“ for cadmium, „Pb“ stands for lead and „Hg“ for mercury.

You can also find this notification in the paperwork accompanying the goods delivery or in the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

You can obtain further information about the Battery Regulations from the Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety).

RoHs Guideline 2011/65/EU - Prohibited materials in electrical and electronic devices

It has been forbidden since 01.07.2006 to introduce electrical and electronic devices containing lead (Pd), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (Cr), polybromated biphenyl (PBB), polybromated diphenyl ethoxyethane (PBB) or cadmium (Cd) in an increased percentage into circulation.

The guarantee of the RoHs quality can be taken over exclusively by the manufacturer. We have labelled our products with RoHs on the homepage on the basis of the statements of our suppliers, but we do not accept either a guarantee or other liability in connection with the use of the information contained on this site.


DecaBDE – Toxic flame retardant

RoHs products must not contain the DecaBDE fire protection agent or exceed an established limit after 01.07.2008 in accordance with the judgement of 01.04.2008.

PFOS (Perfluorite octane sulphonates)

PFOS chemicals have been included in the prohibited chemicals prescription in accordance with Guideline 2006/122/EG of 12.12.2006 and have thus been prohibited since 27.06.2008.

Surfactants are mainly used for the water, oil and water-repellent impregnation of textiles, paper and leather. They are also used in air and space flight, semiconductors, the electrical industry and the photographic business. Permissible limits must not be exceeded. The Guideline is only intended to apply to new products and not to products that are already on the market.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals)

The respective manufacturer, importer and user that produces or imports chemicals in a quantity of > 1 metrical ton have had to register the respective chemical from 01.06.2007.

There is an obligation to register chemicals, but not the finished products.

WEEE Guideline 2002/96/EC – The taking back of legacy products

We comply with the new ElektroG (law concerning the introduction into circulation, the taking back and the environmentally compatible disposal of electrical and electronic products) and our Company is registered under the WEEE Reg. No. DE 42979541.

Users must not dispose of electrical and electronic products that they are no longer using in normal waste; on the contrary, they are obliged to hand them in at the local collection points.

Please dispose of electrical and electronic products at a local collection point or hand them over to local business free of charge, as required by the legislator; their disposal in domestic waste is expressly forbidden. We request you to send devices received from us to the address below free of charge or sufficiently franked by post to us after use, if it is not possible to give the devices back otherwise as an exception.

  • PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH
    Gerstenstieg 4
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Packaging regulation

The packaging is a component of the respective product and has been developed specially for each article, in order to guarantee an optimum dispatch of the corresponding package. The original packaging will be the most secure protection against damage during transportation in the case that you have to send a product back during the guarantee period or for servicing or customer service after this period, and we therefore recommend you to keep the original packaging as long as the respective device is in your possession.

Please pay attention to the symbol below if you nevertheless wish to dispose of the packaging and the matter concerns packaging used by us:

‘Green Point’ recycling symbol

The ‘Green Point’ means that the packaging labelled with it will be collected, sorted and sent further for processing by the Dual System Deutschland (DSD) throughout Germany.

‘RESY’ recycling symbol

The Resy symbol on the packaging has a similar meaning to the ‘Green Point’, but it applies specially to paper and cardboard. Disposal and further processing is guaranteed.

This system of taking back and recycling is financed through licence fees paid to both organizations by the manufacturer.

The rules of the packaging regulation will have been complied with by the payment of the respective fee and the attachment of the appropriate symbols and we are therefore released from the obligation to take products back.

You will be able to put all packaging labelled with the symbols specified above in the collection of materials. Attachments such as adhesive tape, labels, etc. will not disrupt the recycling process. We do not take back packaging labelled with recycling symbols.